Forever Pet Care the advanced pet trust program that guarantees the future care of your pets!

Forever Pet Care is giving your pets a voice when you’re gone!

We provide peace of mind and accountability to you, that your pets will live a happy healthy life when you can no longer care for them.  Forever Pet Care is not a shelter, and in fact we guarantee that your pets will never see a shelter when cared for by our program.  We also believe in a no kill mentality and guarantee that your pets will not be “put down” for any reason other than by recommendation from their licensed Veterinarian due to health reasons.  This is giving your pets the ability to live the life you want for them, and the life they deserve!

 Plan for your pet’s future

We’ll make sure your pet is cared for when you are no longer able to.

What is a Pet Trust?

A Pet Trust is a legal agreement that states who will care for your pets and how much money you wish to leave for your pet’s care upon your death or incapacitation

Set up your plan

We offer a simple 3 Step registration process with a variety of value added services for you to choose from

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