Our vision is to ensure that as many pets possible, have a place to go when their owners pass away or are incapable of caring for them further.



Forever Pet Care is an advanced pet trust program bringing pet loving individuals together that have a passion and incredible love for their pets.  In order to provide accountability for the future care of the pets, giving peace of mind to our clients that their pets in our program will be loved and cared for should something happen to them, guaranteed!



Integrity to our client and the pets in our program. Commitment to ensure the pets are properly cared for and none fall between the cracks. Teamwork is working together to see happy and healthy pets come through our program.  Compassion for the clients that love their pets as much as we love ours.  Ethical actions always drive our minds and hearts.  Innovation in order to find new ways to help and care for the pets.  Responsibility to the pets as their only voice when their owners are gone!


How Forever Pet Care Evolved

A little about us and how we evolved… For over 17 years we have been helping animals with their health care through home visits and a clinic that was set up to work with horses, dogs and cats.  Our team is composed of animal lovers that understand our pets are people too, and part of the family, deserving to be treated as family, forever.  Over the years many clients have come to us asking if we would look after their animals should something happen to them as owners.  Quickly, we realized if we took every pet that we agreed to “look after should something happen”, we could run a Zoo!  So we saw a need and decided to build something great, to help those without a voice… your pets!

Through our application process we screen the guardian home thoroughly so that your pet will ultimately end up in a home to be cared for according to your wishes, and standards.  It is our responsibility to step in when the need arises, within 12 hours or sooner, to take your pet to our temporary care home or directly into their next guardian family that was carefully selected.  Also, we make sure the new home is taking care of your pet as per your wishes, through planned and un-planned visits to the home to visit your pets.   Through your plan that we help put in place with you, we ensure that food, shelter and healthcare are paid for monthly.  We also schedule regular Vet visits to ensure your pet is healthy and happy in their new home.  Every year we send updates to your Estate showing accountability to the care and finances of your pets.  Forever Pet Care gives you peace of mind, that your best friend will never be forsaken or forgotten, and will have a loving home forever!


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