Welcome to our FAQ for Pet Owners!  We have answered the major questions we have received.  If you have a question that we haven’t answered please contact us here and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


  1. What are the first steps to registering my pets with Forever Pet Care?

Start with registering for our program and fill out your profile including your current pets information.  It’s ok if you have more pets later in the future as we add them to your lifetime membership.

  1. What is the Benefits Now Plan and what does that include?

Our Benefits Now Plan provides additional advantages to our clients. This includes discounts to products and services with participating companies that are working with us.  Once you register you will have access to all the national companies listed on our Affiliate and Participating Companies Page.  However, once you register we also will contact all the pet companies in your area to have them provide you with discounts on products and services including your local pet stores, Veterinarian and more.  

  1. Do I get to choose the potential homes?

Yes, If you have someone in mind such as family or a friend that wants your pets, please let us know and they will be the first home approved for your pets care.  The advantage of our program is that should their life circumstances change after saying yes, we will be able to find another home that matches your requirements for your pets instantly to ensure your pets are in a loving caring home right away.

  1. What information do I need to fill out the online application?

We’ll need all your contact information, as well you will fill out a profile providing some basic information about yourself and everything about your pets.  This will include the kind of food and feeding schedule, medical information and medications, what animals do your pets get along with, etc…

  1. What does the Registration fee cover?

The Registration fee – Covers set up costs for your lifetime account, including all legal paperwork prepared for you; Pet ID tags – to notify everyone that this pet is part of the Forever Pet Care Program; Forever Pet Care Emergency Card – carried by you the owner in wallet at all times in case of emergency; Emergency Stickers – to be placed in barn/home/car etc

  1. Do you need to see my Will?

No, we have a one page Codicil that covers everything in our program and a Trust agreement that outlines our responsibilities to you and your pets.  If you do not have a Last Will and Testament and would like to write one, we have Estate Lawyers that understand our program and can help you prepare a Will very inexpensively.

  1. Do I need a Life Insurance Policy?

It is the least expensive way and more highly used by our customers to put money aside for your pets future care, however not required.  If you have finances to set aside in a Trust Fund to take care of your pet that is great too.

  1. Does Forever Pet Care Provide Life Insurance Policy’s?

No, we are not an insurance company, or a broker and cannot instruct or provide information about insurance products.  There are some insurance brokers and insurance companies that can help answer any questions about insurance products that are well informed about our program, please ask us if you would like to contact one for more information about your options.

  1. I have money set up in Trust how do I make sure it goes to my pet only?

Detailed paperwork in our Trust agreement is completed during our registration which can be reviewed by your legal council, and put in place to protect you and your pet(s).

  1. Are there minimums or maximums I can leave in the trust for each of my pets?

There aren’t any maximums on the amount you can leave for your pets.  There are minimums set to ensure your pets have a good start in the new home and the amount is set per pet.  Ultimately, the amount you put in the trust is up to you and what you feel comfortable leaving for your pets future care.  Our minimum amounts required to be left in trust through your Insurance policy or defined in your Will, for the future care of each pet you own is as follows: Cats – $5,000; Dogs – $7,500; Horses – $50,000.

  1. Are the documents I fill out legally binding?

Yes, and enforced by your estate lawyer when you pass or become incapable in the eyes of the law.

  1. What if I become disabled or incapacitated in some way and can no longer take care of my pet; Will Forever Pet Care still be able to find good homes for my animals?

Whether through passing away or loss of ability to care for your pet, we can step in with accordance to your wishes to find a new suitable home for your pet.  Our agreement covers this as part of your living will.

  1. I have many animals – can I register them all or is there a maximum number of pets that can be part of this program?

There is no maximum amount of pets that you can register as part of this program.  Our program is also a lifetime membership, so you can continue to register any pets you own in the future as well.

  1. If I pass away suddenly how fast can someone be at my home to take care of my pets?

There is a basic information release form filled out that will allow emergency personnel to contact us so that we are able to attend you pets immediately. Once we are contacted by emergency personnel we will be able to attend to your pet within 6-8 hours.

  1. Do you have some kind of identification that can be put on my cat/dog/horse that shows they are part of your program?

Yes, cats and dogs have collar tags that they wear on their collar.  Horses have a plate that gets affixed to their halter.  Stickers are also placed on the outside door of the home to let emergency personnel entering the home or barn know, to contact us immediately.

  1. How much money should I plan to put aside for my cat/dog/horse?

You have to consider how old your pet is and the average life-span of your pet. If you are not sure we can help you with this.  It also depends on what kind of care you are giving currently, such as; are you are feeding organic home-made food?  This should be reflected in your calculations.  

  1. Is there a waiting period for the money to go to the new home after I die?

Yes, this varies depending on where the money is coming from. If it’s a Life Insurance policy or Trust Fund the money can transfer in only a few days. Until the financial assurance for your pet comes through, we personally make sure your pet is taken care of for the interim. Once the money you set aside comes to Forever Pet Care it is put in a Trust Account and paid out monthly for your pets proper care to cover health care and food.

  1. Will someone from your organization have keys to my home to get my pets in case of emergency or death? Is your company bonded? And if I don’t want to leave my keys with Forever Pet Care and choose a family member or trusted friend instead is this possible?

No, we do not have keys to your home. You can give a spare key to your next of kin, however please know that in case something happens to your next of kin as well, we may not have access to your home. We are a bonded company and hold your home and information in great care. We can arrange for the local police department to meet us at your home, or we will attend the Hospital where you are to gather your keys.

  1. If I get sick and have to go to the hospital and don’t know yet if I’ll be coming home or when – is it possible for someone to care for my pet or do home visits? If so is this extra?

Yes!  We offer an option for Emergency Care that will insure your pets care for up to 3 weeks per year to cover you, should longer hospital stays be necessary. 

  1. Can I be a guardian family for other animals from Forever Pet Care if I’m also a registered member for my existing pet(s)?

Absolutely! In your profile questionnaire you will be asked if you would like Forever Pet Care to consider you for Emergency care, or Guardian care of an available pet.

  1. Can I be sure the money I set aside really goes to my pet(s)?

Yes! We have in place a number of steps that make us accountable for operations. Forever Pet Care is an Incorporated business that guarantees the proper use of the money provided for your pet(s). We also have a Steering Committee to look at all aspects of the Corporation, ensuring again that everything is done properly.  Also, every year we send a detailed account summary to your Estate Lawyer showing the amount remaining in Trust and how the money was used that year on your pets care and how.

  1. How does Forever Pet Care screen potential Guardian Families to ensure my pet(s) are taken care of properly?

Forever Pet Care has put in place a very detailed application process for both you and the potential Guardian Family’s. The application for you provides care instructions as to how your pet(s) should be cared for, including things such as preferred food, medication and health care. The potential Guardian Family’s are then screened for things such as minimum acreage required for horses or property for your dog to run, etc… We then have a committee that reviews the potential Guardian Family’s application and visits the location to ensure they are indeed a good candidate for pet(s) in our program.

  1. How does Forever Pet Care make sure my pet is taken care of properly in the new home?

To ensure new Guardian Family’s care for your animal(s) per your wishes, regular scheduled and unscheduled visits are conducted. We set up Veterinarian visits twice yearly to ensure proper health care and to ensure your pets are being cared for properly.  Pets are immediately removed from a home if your guidelines aren’t being met and/or if Forever Pet Care’s program isn’t being carried out to the fullest. If a pet is removed, monthly pet support is immediately terminated and your pet is returned to our loving facility were we care for your pet, until a new Guardian Family is located. 

  1. What if my pets pass away before the money I set aside is fully depleted?

You chose one of two options for the remainder of the finances; 1) You can sponsor another pet in our program that didn’t have enough money to cover all its needs, or 2) we donate the remainder of the funds in your behalf to a registered Not for Profit Organization of our choosing, that helps pets in need.

  1. I have registered for the VIP Membership but what if I would like to downgrade to a Basic Membership, can I?

Absolutely!  You are free to upgrade or downgrade if you wish.  If you are going down to a Basic Membership your access to the Affiliates and Participating Companies will end, however your current and future pets are all still registered for life.


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