FAQ Guardian Family or Adopter

  1. What if the new owner does not like or get along with the new pet or there is allergies? Is there a trial period to see if it’s the right match? And can another pet be taken instead?

We go through a lengthy and detailed application process to make sure we get as good a match as possible between the Guardian Family and the new pet.  However, some things cannot be foreseen so yes there is a 4 week trial for both you and the new pet to make sure we have made a good match.  To discourage pets from going from home to home on ‘trials’ we strongly encourage our new Guardian Family’s to take on the role that a pet is for life and under only extreme circumstances are pets returned back to our facilities.  Ultimately, the pet’s best interests are taken into consideration and if a pet is no longer wanted we will gladly take it back and find a new more suitable home.  If we feel the reason for you not wanting this pet is beyond your control yes you have a chance to find another pet through our organization.

  1. How is the assurance money (finances) distributed? Is it a lump sum or monthly?

To ensure the money is used properly for the care of the pet – it is distributed monthly to take care of the expenses listed in the contract when a pet is offered to you.

  1. Do all pets come with financial lifetime support?

No, some come with a few months or years and others for a full life-time.  This information is disclosed with each pet that is put up for Guardianship prior to the Guardian Family agreeing to taking the pet.

  1. Can I be a guardian to more than one pet through the organization?

Yes, if your home and time can accommodate more than one pet we encourage people to take more, especially ones that come with a friend.  Some dogs and cats come as a package of two, so as to not cause extra trauma to the pets both would go to the same home.

  1. What are the criteria for a guardian family?

Please contact us for more details on becoming a Guardian or Apply Here

  1. What do I do if the animal gets sick or injured?

Call the Veterinarian immediately and then contact us.  Some animals will have money set aside for these types of emergencies including Pet Healthcare Insurance.  This will vary from animal to animal based on what their previous owner planned for them.

  1. Can I plan the visits from ‘Forever Pet Care’ or are they unscheduled?

There are both planned and unplanned visits with our Guardian Family’s to ensure proper care of the pets.

  1. What is the waiting period for the support money as the new owner of a pet on your program?

We try to do this as soon as possible so waiting time is minimal.  Please call us for more details.

  1. If the pet gets lost or dies do I still get the rest of the monthly support payments the pet came with?

No, the finances are for the pet, so you are only eligible to receive the money for the care of that pet.  If the pet is gone or not being taken care of as per the previous owner, the pets financial assurance is stopped.

  1. What if the pet gets very sick and needs extra Veterinary care I can not afford?  Will there be further financial help?

This will be outlined before you first get the pet, and if the pet comes with Pet Healthcare and Veterinary costs covered.

  1. Can I give the pet I am a Guardian to-to a family member or find a new home for them? 

NO you are not able to transfer, sell or give away the pets you are Guardian too.  If you are not happy with your pet you must contact us, so that we can find a new home that will love and care for them.

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