How forever pet care affiliate works

Do you love what we do, and know of others that would love this program too?  Become an affiliate for free and refer people to the program and make a couple of dollars too!  As a member of our Forever Pet Care affiliate program, you can earn unlimited income simply by linking one of our banners to your website, or referring your friends and family to our site.  You then will earn income when a visitor from your site, or friends of yours, register for our program.

Why should you join?

  • forever pet care affiliateWe provide a voice for the pets left behind and a way for people to ensure they furry family members are taken care of, and you want to be a part of that;
  • After referring only a few friends and family your membership can be paid for through your income from us – residual income;
  • You can make additional income with little to no effort and be a part of helping hundreds of pets not end up in the shelters or on in the meat markets;
  • Tools to track monthly income and payouts as well all the marketing materials and banners built for you and available in your profile.

Who can join the program?

Just about anyone, and its FREE to join! Whether you have a large company or just a small one, even if you do not have a website you can print off flyers to hand out to your family and friends or riding club.  All you need to be is an animal lover that cares for their future and you’re welcome to apply to join.

Benefits include:

  • Unlimited Income on memberships from traffic you send to Forever Pet Care;
  • High Income Percentage paid on the initial Enrollment;
  • Residual Income is a percentage for every month the member stays in our program that you receive for the referral as additional monthly income or a means to pay for your own membership;
  • Humanitarian side of helping loved pets stay out of shelters and in a loving home;
  • Dedicated and experienced affiliate support team to answer any questions relating to the affiliate program and its marketing on your website;
  • It’s free – you don’t pay anything to join the Forever Pet Care Affiliate program and you can stop any time;
  • It’s easy – we provide all of the tools you’ll need. You can choose the images, copy and links you want to add to your site from a selection we provide. You’ll be able to see how your sales are doing at any time by accessing online reports. We handle the enrolments and payment. All you need to do is place the link and spread the word.
  • It’s quick – It only takes a few moments to set up and generates a continuous flow of income.
  • Status – you’ll be associated with an incredible program that is making a difference to the animals;
  • Visibility – with reports available to you at any time, you can check your results including sales and your income. You can see which links are working best and optimize the program to maximize your revenue.




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