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Ivana President Forever Pet Care and Teddy her Thoroughbred gelding

How does Forever Pet Care work? As part of the Forever Pet Care program we go beyond just finding a great home for your animals, we guarantee their future care! We visit your pets in the new Guardian Family’s home regularly, ensuring their fed properly, loved and cared for as per your requests.  By way of your financial plan we help you put a plan in place to be held in trust.  We also ensure your pets food and healthcare are covered in the new home, through this financial plan.  These finances can come from money you have saved over the years or from a Life Insurance Plan that can be dedicated to your pets.  What better way to make sure your pet won’t be abandoned and sadly become just like other pets that end up at the shelter.

Did you know you can get a life insurance plan to cover your pets future for as little as $5 a month? Amount based on your circumstances

Forever Pet Care finds the right home for your pets through a detailed application and then match that up with the requirements you set out for your pets future care.  This applies to family members or friends too! Imagine if you leave a lump sum of money for your cat, dog or horses’ future, how much of that lump sum do you think would go to the actual care of your pets?  Can you guarantee that the money you worked hard to provide for your pets won’t be used elsewhere?  Why not take the temptation off the table for everyone, and keep the money in a safe place under the security of our company and legal protection of a trust fund, so that your money gets distributed every month for the proper care for your pets.  So, even if you already have a home lined up with a family member or a good friend after you pass away, make sure that your wishes and hard earned money is used on proper care for your loved ones.  Let us be the voice of your pets when you’re gone!


Forever Pet Care provides:

  • The plan for your pets future should something happen to you
  • All the legal documents are prepared for you to put your plan in place to forever care for your pets
  • We screen potential guardian families in-depth to find a permanent loving home for your pet(s) when needed
  • Our staff will follow-up on that new loving home regularly to ensure they follow our guidelines that you set out
  • Forever Pet Care will look after your pets finances to ensure proper care and that your pets are healthy and happy for years to come
  • Discounts with partnering organizations, including pet products and services as well insurance products like pet healthcare insurance, home insurance, farm insurance and liability insurance – Over 200 national discount providers page here
  • We also cover emergency short-term care like dog walking or feeding of your pet(s) if you are in the hospital for an extended visit, as an option in your registration


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