How to register your pets in Forever Pet Care is easy and straight forward. We guarantee your pets future care if they outlive you!

step 1

Register for the program: Decide which plan you wish to register for: Basic Plan or Benefits Now Plan.  We offer a couple of ways to pay for your registration including PayPal and all major Credit Cards.  Our Benefits Now Plan comes with access to discounts on pet products and services, insurance products, health services, department stores, hotels and vacation services and much more.


Fill out your profile and questionnaire: This provides us with the right information for your pets future in their guardian families home, including what kind of food your pet prefers, healthcare, personality traits and even favorite toys.  Also, what other animals do they get along with, and the schedule they are used to for feeding time.  Do they have allergies and what kind of home do they like?  Just to name a few things that are considered for the future home.

Step3Set up your pets financial trust – You decide how much you wish to put aside for each pet to cover their future.  This amount is up to you and can be as much as you want .  The money you put aside through savings, an insurance plan or trust fund is kept safe for your pets in a trust account.  We help you set up your pets plan, in order to ensure their expenses are covered including such things as food, shelter and healthcare.

Upon completing these three easy steps we send you an exclusive membership package so you can sleep easy knowing your pets future’s are covered by, Forever Pet Care!

Have peace of mind knowing your pets are taken care of by making a plan for their future, now!

Do you love this program and want to help by being considered as a loving home for one of our pets looking for a home now?  Please fill out the Guardian Family Registration form and we will contact you with the pets you are looking for.