Legion and Veterans

Thank you, for all that you have done for our future, now we want to help with your loved pet’s future!

Legion - Lest We ForgetWe have put together a special promotion for members of the Legion, their families and friends.  We know you love and care for your pet’s as family and want to see their future free from any suffering even after you have left this world.

You have spent a better part of your life sacrificing and helping people you didn’t know!  Now it’s your chance to help those that you love, your pets!

Our pets are family and deserve to have a future that is guaranteed even after we leave this earth.  Through Forever Pet Care’s advanced pet trust program we are your pets voice when you’re gone!

Forever Pet Care is the only advanced pet trust program that takes on the responsibility and accountability for your pets happy, healthy future.  We help you plan now for your pets future, and will come and get your pets within 8 to 12 hours of being notified that we are needed.  We find a new home for your pets based on your specifications, your pets needs and personality.  Then we follow up regularly with that new home for the remainder of your pets life.  We arrange for regular Vet visits to ensure your pets stay healthy in their new home.  We ensure that the money you leave for your pets future is only used for your pets care, and held in a trust account specifically for your pet.

The amount of financial care you leave in that trust account is up to you, it can be as much as you feel is right.  If you need a guide to help you decide how much your pet will require, we can help just contact us here.  Most people don’t really realize how much they actually spend on their pets yearly for food and vet visits alone.  Our guarantee is that the funding you provide will be used to help with the care of your pet’s!

Through your registration with us you also save on products and services NOW!  As a corporation we build relationships with companies both nationally and locally, that provide the products and services that you use daily, including: clothing, trips, department stores, health care insurance, home insurance, pet food, Veterinarian care, natural health care, horse tack and more…  We currently have over 200 companies providing national discounts to our Benefits Now Plan + when you register we locate companies close to you for local discounts as well!

A few things Forever Pet Care does to guarantee your pet’s future

We are at your home within 8 to 12 hours of being notified to ensure immediate care of your loved ones

Up to 85% off local and over 200 national participating companies like Veterinarians, department stores, Insurance, dag walkers, pet hotels, hotels and many more...

Proof of care to verify that your pets are happy and healthy through our regular visiting and scheduled Veterinarian visits

We take responsibility, giving your pet's a voice when you're gone

Prefer your family care for your pets? Great, we can facilitate and still ensure the financial side is taken care of. Plus, if things have changed over the years and they can no longer care for your pet we can still locate another home

The right home based on the specific needs of your individual pet and the criteria you set

A percent of your membership fee is donated back to the Legion to help with their initiatives and Legionnaire support

Emergency care options for when you are incapacitated or admitted to the hospital we step in to care for your pets

When you register we will help you fill out your profile and plan your financial future for your pets!  Don’t let your loved companion fall through the cracks and end up alone and scared, guarantee their future now.

Begin your plan now to guarantee your pets have a plan in place.  Please enter Veteran2016 in the coupon code to save 15% on Registration

Do you want more information about our advanced pet trust program?  Feel free to contact us for more information