What is a Pet Trust and why is Forever Pet Care a better option for your pets future?

A pet trust is a legal agreement that provides for the care of one or more pets when left behind upon their owner’s death.  Pet trusts can take effect either during a person’s lifetime in the form of a living will or after their death. Typically, a trustee will hold money “in trust” for the pet or pets. When the time comes, the trustee will make payments on a regular basis to a designated caregiver or a lump sum payment for the care of the pets.  Very simple and straightforward, or is it?

Forever Pet Care

Forever Pet Care

Typically, when someone makes an agreement through the standard pet trusts, a number of “caregivers” are listed.  When the time comes the person handling the trust would go down the list until they find someone on the list that is willing to take the pet or pets.  The last option on this list is typically a shelter such as the Humane Society.  This system is very flawed as there are no guarantees that your pet will be cared for at all.  Life circumstances change and people that may have said yes years ago, might not be able to take your pets when the critical time comes.

The money held in trust is paid out monthly or annually without a follow up with the pet even once, in most cases.  Is the money really being used for your pets care?  Or is it going to the car payments or mortgage payment, leaving your pets actual care up in the air month to month.  You could have great intentions in setting up the pet trust, but who is actually looking out for your pet when you are gone?  Even your lawyer can let some things fall through the cracks over the years.  Will the lawyer care about your pets?  Who will be your pets voice when you’re gone?  Or do they even get a voice?

What does Forever Pet Care do?  

We take the pet trust to a whole new level by guaranteeing the care of the pets.  We go through a lengthy questionnaire about your pet to ensure when the time comes we can find the perfect loving home.  Whether it is with your family or we find the right home, we take responsibility for your pets future for the rest of their lives, guaranteed!  The money you leave in Trust for your pets is paid out monthly to the guardian family caring for your pets, with regular visits to check on the care of your pets.  These visits are scheduled and unscheduled visits.  Every six months we arrange for the Veterinarian to do their checkup to ensure they are healthy and happy.  We cover the food and health care expenses of your pets through the plan we put together with you, and unsure its being followed.

Maybe you have a family member or friend that really does want to care for your pets and is capable of caring for your pets?  Great!  Let us handle the financial side.  We will still do everything we do to be your pets voice when you’re gone and guarantee their future care in that home too.  To ensure we are accountable to your pets we supply the Veterinarian report on the health of your pets and a financial account summary to your estate lawyer every year.  This way your lawyer can ensure that we are staying in line with our agreement with you as well.

Also, when your pet finally passes away after a full happy life, any remaining funds is either used to help another pet in the program or is given to a registered Not for Profit organization helping pets.  So you know every dollar you put aside for your pets goes to their care and the care of other pets in need!

Let Forever Pet Care be your pets voice when you’re gone!  We guarantee their future care.


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