Program Launch

A program launch to ensure every pet is cared for, forever


Toronto, March 2, 2014:  Forever Pet Care Inc. is now officially launched and is offering a program that will make sure every pet has a loving home.  Taking on this challenge Forever Pet Care is providing a one stop solution to every pet lover, through a membership and ongoing relationship with discounted products and services to be added every month.

What Forever Pet Care is offering is the solutions for pet lovers to ensure that should something happen to them, their pets would live on happy and healthy.  How does this program work?  Forever Pet Care has put together a program that will help their clients prepare a plan for the forever care of their loved pets.  They assist in putting into place a financial aspect which includes three options:  a Legal Will, Trust Fund or Insurance Plan.  This ensures that when that time comes, the pet has proper care including food, toys and even health insurance.

Richard Nelson, President of Forever Pet Care Inc. states “we built this program to help the pets, as we often hear that they are put in the shelters once their owner passes or become incapable of caring for them.  These pets are then often seeing their last days in a cage, alone and scared before being euthanized because there are just too many pets that need homes.  This is hard on everyone and a strain on the system.  Firstly, we wanted to put in place a program that would provide peace of mind to the pet owners, knowing that their pets will never end up in a shelter or euthanized, unwanted, scared and alone.  Secondly a program that would reduce the volume of pets ending up in shelters, by providing a loving home before that happens.  Thirdly, and most importantly a program to care for, love and support the pets that didn’t ask for any of this to happen.  Animals love and want to be loved and cared for, it’s as simple as that. We now provide the means to make that happen for every pet out there.”

What makes this program different that a shelter or Humane Society?  Two main differences that are: Forever Pet Care has a large database of people that are prescreened by a committee.  And Forever Pet Care pays a monthly “allowance” to ensure that the pet in care receives the right food, shelter and health care.  “If you could have the dog, cat or horse of your dreams, and have all the monthly finances fully paid for, wouldn’t you take it?”

Richard continues by saying, “We are building relationships with pet care professionals from dog walkers to insurance providers in order to provide a value add to our clients as well.  This is to give some advantages to the current owner of the pets in our program while they are still healthy and strong.  Accidents happen and we will be there for our clients and their pets!”

If you would like more information about this program or want to be involved either as a client or as a pet care professional please contact us through our website at .