Forever Pet Care is an Advanced Pet Trust, but what is a pet trust?  A pet trust is a legal document that is assuring the future care and financial support of your pet’s for the rest of their lives.  Forever Pet Care is an advanced pet trust by guaranteeing the long term care and lifestyle of your pets through monthly allotments, and accountability to the active care of your pets.

We take responsibility for your pet’s future for the rest of their lives. We make sure the family members who are caring for your pet are supported, or we find your pet a home based on your criteria and support that family based on your personal wishes.  In some circumstances we personally care for on our 16 acre animal sanctuary for the rest of its life, if a perfect matching home cannot be found, ensuring only the best possible care for your loving pets.

We take the non-binding aspects of pet trusts and ensure that your wishes are carried out for the rest of your pet’s life, guaranteed!


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